Boutique Hotel in Malta

22 September 2018

A new “Boutique Hotel” in Malta

Gruppo5 puts its signature on a new hotel in Malta “HOTEL IBB MERKANTI”

A small and exclusive Boutique Hotel located in an old palace in the historic centre of the Maltese capital with 18 suites and a restaurant.

What’s the idea behind the project? To immerse guests in the local culture.

The building is situated in a characteristic street in the centre of the capital “La Valletta”, close to the Grandmaster’s Palace which hosts the President of the Republic of Malta and is currently undergoing restoration under the careful supervision of the Maltese government department responsible for fine arts.

The best definition of this Boutique Hotel is “evocative”, the choice made by Gruppo5 for a “turnkey project” was dictated by the wish to supervise every detail of the end result, and provide the long tradition of Maltese hospitality with a hotel facility whose interior is a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles.

«A journey through tradition and modernity»

emphasise Lorenzo Faccin and Daniele Andreasi of Gruppo5, who were in charge of the project and careful right from the start to respect the location and its exceptional historical context.

The same elegance and care for detail of the suites can also be found in the hall. The project concentrated on the concepts of elegance, hospitality and style. The 18 suites have been designed to encapsulate a sophisticated and relaxing environment: to achieve this aim, the choice of materials for the furnishings included the use of lacquered wood with the insertion of engraved metal and glass elements, in shades varying from beige to brown and with a hint of emerald green in the upholstery. Great importance has been given to the lighting sources in the rooms, opting for an indirect and warm light source, and, last but not least, the choice of decorative textiles such as the curtains and bedding: simplicity has been preferred, but at the same time these finishing touches have been enriched by the choice of fabrics used. The same elegance and care for detail of the suites can also be found when we enter the hall, which has been designed to convey to guests a warm and welcoming atmosphere that they will find again in the rooms. The decision to use different materials but which follow the same theme, and the insertion of natural elements such as a lichen wall and the use of materials such as iron and glass only help to enhance the walls made of Maltese stone in the hall, on the stairs and in the hallways.

All the furnishings and furniture accessories were designed and made-to-measure by Gruppo5 in Italy.  Added to this, the Gruppo5 team also designed and installed the lighting system, the false ceilings and the electrical and plumbing systems to ensure a 100% “turnkey” service.

Made in Italy Design directly from the producer


Via Monte Grappa, 27
36010 Zanè (Vicenza) – ITALY
+39 0445 314046

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