Hotel reception desk in wood: the key feature of the reception area

25 July 2018

We are in Trieste, in the historical area of Borgo Teresiano and this is the Forvm Boutique Hotel. The blending of new and old, the combination of stone with metal and wood, confer a unique character to this reception area. An oasis of refined luxury in Mediterranean style, with its exclusive charm, where every detail is a choice of style. Of all the furnishing, the bespoke reception desk is the most outstanding piece, made 100% of quality Italian wood, lit by recessed floor lights. The beauty of the wood is further enhanced by the clever combinations of other natural and man-made materials that bring out the character of the interior making it welcoming and well-balanced, with shades of colours that match both the traditional and the modern style.

This hotel chose Gruppo 5 to design not only the reception and the bar, but also the suites and the bedrooms.

Made in Italy Design directly from the producer


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